All About Soul-Searching

Last Updated on: 21st August 2022, 08:07 pm

Steve and I were talking the other day…maybe some news story came on about how many couples didn’t make it in the pandemic or something, and I got thinking about a song I haven’t thought about in years. “All About Soul” by Billy Joel.

and suddenly, a memory came rushing back to me. I’m sitting in my room listening to the radio and the song comes on. And I’m frozen in place, listening. It gets to the lines about life not being fair, and things getting out of control, and how it’s gonna get dark, it’s gonna get cold, and all that stuff about getting tough, and I thought “What do you know about my future that I don’t? Why is it going to get all miserable? What’s all this joy coming out of sorrow stuff?”

Then I thought, “The woman in the song sounds like superwoman! So…I have to read minds and say nothing and be there no matter what…but somehow avoid turning into a total jerk when people are being jerks to me.”

For a second I thought about saying something to someone, asking what he’s getting at, but I decided I’d better just figure this out on my own.

I looked up when this song was made. It was in 1993. That makes me a really dumb 14-year-old, or a sheltered one, or something.

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