I Love Seth Meyers’ Trump Impression

Perhaps there are people who do a technically better one, but Seth Meyers does my favourite Donald Trump impression. Admittedly I haven’t seen every Trump impersonator there is, but nobody I’ve seen does quite as good a job of capturing just how weird and out to lunch the guy can be.

As an example, I offer you this Closer Look segment from a couple nights ago. Just wait until he gets into talking about the birds.

If you’re like me, at times it’s so funny and ridiculous that for a moment you almost forget that right now, in real life, there are people in positions of power who have chosen to abandon any sense of integrity they may have ever had in order to hitch their wagons to…that. Or that a not insignificant number of people voted for it and made it President. Or that many of them still think it was a good idea and will do it again if they get the chance.

Damn, I’m sad now. I think I need to watch the geese thing again.

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