Don’t Make Me Tell You Again Again

Last Updated on: 8th September 2022, 08:43 am

Male with two lifetime driving bans caught driving again, say police
Just going to go ahead and ask the obvious question here. How is it possible to be banned for life from the same thing twice?

But perhaps more importantly, why? What good is it doing? Clearly not much.

Let’s think about this a moment. Getting banned from driving for life once isn’t the easiest thing to do. The system tends to give people quite a bit of rope, often quite a bit more than it should. So this almost certainly isn’t this fella’s first rodeo. But that ban had such an impact on him that he went out and did enough to earn himself a second one. It was probably easier to catch that one than it was his first, but still, he did it. And now he’s out here looking for a third!

So now the question is why is he out here? When are there going to be consequences that mean something? When is there going to be help?

Once he violated lifetime ban number one, why was he not immediately put in jail as some sort of long-term offender? Why was he not detoxed and given ongoing counseling? Why was there no fine with an eye-popping number in the five or six figures? Why was he not released from jail only to go to his job if he has one or to do community service and then come back? Why wasn’t it made clear that there was no prospect of release until at a minimum, the fine with the big numbers was paid?

Ideally, the legal system should be operating with the goals of rehabilitation and deterrence, not as a catch and release revolving door. It should be obvious by now that the way we’re doing things simply doesn’t work in far too many cases. We should be doing so much more and doing it so much better. Why aren’t we?

A Guelph male subject to two lifetime driving prohibitions for impaired operation was arrested Tuesday after he was caught behind the wheel.

Just after 4 p.m., officers saw the male driving on Eramosa Road near Woolwich Street and knew him to be a prohibited driver. The vehicle was stopped and the male arrested without incident.

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