Here Is Your Delivery. I Must Now Speak To My Friend Alibi 5000

Last Updated on: 19th September 2022, 06:47 am

I’ll admit it. Watching this little autonomous arsehole just toddle on through this crime scene giving no fucks about anything other than delivering food is kind of funny to a point. But when I watched it, the first thing I did wasn’t laugh. The first thing I did was think shit, I’m glad this isn’t a crime I was suspected of being involved in.

They cordon off crime scenes so that precisely this sort of thing doesn’t happen. My god, the potential for contamination and destroyed evidence. As these things become more common, how many acquittals, overturned or unjust convictions and civil suits are we going to be in for? The justice system is bogged down and screwy enough as it is. Technology complicating cases because it can’t do its job properly is the last thing it needs.

The robot, named Connie, was determined to get the meal to her customers.
To the amusement of some nearby camera operators, Connie managed to slip past the yellow crime-scene tape. The robot continued on its way, passing a group of confused-looking police officers.

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