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Gill has decided to write a note to a favourite teacher whom she’s mentioned a couple times here in the past. Having also had that teacher, I can absolutely understand why she’s a favourite. She was one who was very good about encouraging people to be who they are and trying to accentuate their positives. If she sensed you were good at something (in my case making people laugh or having a bit of an ear for music), she had no problem letting you go a little wild with it even if now and then it might disrupt the planned order of things. She would still put the hammer down or acknowledge weaknesses when she had to, but tried never to do it in a way that would hurt your confidence long-term. You learned from her in all of the ways that you’re supposed to learn from a teacher, but you also took away quite a bit more, often without realizing it right away.

I had the best 4th grade teacher ever. So much has changed for me in nearly 35 years. Here’s what I would say to her now.

Dear Mrs. White

First of all, thank you. You really boosted my confidence.  You encouraged not only myself but all of us that year.  I also now am forever curious about things thanks to your encouragement.

Second of all, your encouragement branched my passions to things I’d never even thought of. I love cooking, and have been told I’m good at it.  If you’re ever in Hamilton you should come by and have a sample.  I am mainly vegetarian, so I hope you don’t mind that.

I am now a devout Christian, and thank God for sending you to me.  I believe we are all called to do something, and your calling was teaching.

I often tell my mom that whether teaching 2nd grade, 5th grade, kindergarten or 1st grade that I hope she was someone’s you and that they can claim an undiscovered talent or passion thanks to her.

Finally, thank you for just being you!  God bless you Mrs. White.

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