I Beleev He’s Right. Our Spellings Are Grotesk

Last Updated on: 12th October 2022, 09:36 pm

26 of Noah Webster’s Spelling Changes That Didn’t Catch On
Not sure why most of these didn’t stick, honestly. They make much more sense than what we have, with the added bonus that every person who ever told akid to “just sound it out” doesn’t wind up coming off like a friggin idiot.

Why does “soup” have a U in it and why isn’t it pronounced similar to soap or out if we insist on keeping it? “Soop” is better.

Try sounding out the word machine. It’s a mack-hine. It should have been “masheen”.

The word tongue is just a complete mess. “Tung” should replace it yesterday.

Why is sponge not pronounced spawnge? “Spunge” should be correct.

The word island is stupid and should absolutely be “iland””

Why is there a B in thumb?

It goes on like this.

The only time I don’t quite understand what he was going for is “nightmar” instead of nightmare. Was it pronounced closer to mar than mare in his day?

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