It’s Your Name. The Phone Says So

I just used the voice dictation on my iPhone to send a text. In that text, I used the word “dipshit”. Dictation got it correct, but it capitalized it. I wasn’t sure if that was a one off, so I sent another text and used it again. Again, it put a capital D on it. Is this something dictation always does or is that new?

I’ve never thought of Dipshit as a proper noun, but I guess it could be one. “Way to be, Dipshit!” “What’s goin’ on, Dipshit!?”

Anyway, this amused me, so I thought I would share.

Enjoy the Jays game, if you’re watching. And happy Tha….Jays just took a 2-0 lead on a Teoscar Hernández homer! Fuckin’ Right! Suck it, Mariners! You too, Robbie Ray! You were a great Jay while you were here, but you aren’t here anymore, so boo!

But as I was saying, happy Thanksgiving to all of you. thanks for reading. We appreciate it more than you know.

I’m going to get back to enjoying this game now. Hopefully it’s not the last one of the season.

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  1. Just for the record, it was the last game of the year. And it sucked. Big time. The part where it was 8-1 Jays, that was great. But everything falling apart and things ending up 10-9 Mariners, that was like watching the Leafs play Boston in game 7. You’re just sitting there agape, wondering what the hell happened and pondering whether or not you even like sports anymore.

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