Tansy Says Hi After Retirement

So, Tansy has had a busy four months since she retired and moved into her new home. She has had more time romping with dogs and people than she usually gets, which makes me happy. She became good doggy friends with the beagle at her new home who she had played with at the dog park. She charmed a dog sitter, her new owner’s coworkers and boyfriend and whoever else she happened to meet on her travels because she is the Shmans. She went to the event where they let the dogs in the pool. She didn’t swim but she did her usual sniffing thing.

Plus, I got my wish of having her retirement party! We all got together at Waterloo park, and thanks to a few friends helping out by grabbing pizza and helping me decipher the map of the park to pick a good place to have the event, it was great. People all talked together, caught up with each other, and hugged and snuggled the star of the show. Tansy was pretty chill because she’d already gone for a romp, but I think she thoroughly enjoyed herself that day. We even got a couple of pictures of all the fun. It made me so happy. I couldn’t stop talking about how well it went.

A group of Tansy's friends all gathered around Tansy, with her facing away from the camera
I’d love to pose for my photo but I have so many people to greet!

The same group of people, now with Tansy facing the camera.
Ok ok ok, ya got me!

Another thing about that party that made me feel so good was Tansy was happy to see me. I wasn’t sure how she would react to me because for a while, Trix was kind of unsure about me after she retired. She would run gleefully to Steve, but she would keep her distance from me. I had to work to earn her trust again. But Tansy doesn’t seem to have any bad feelings towards me. She still gave me great big sloppy kisses, and that was reassuring for me.

It’s a really good thing we had that party, because life is a mean mean man, and turned violently on its head for Tansy’s new owner. Circumstances made it so that she wasn’t sure if she could keep Tansy. She didn’t want to wait until things were impossibly bad. That took a lot of guts, and gave me some time to talk to the other guy who had agreed to take her. Thankfully, he still could do it, so plans were set in motion for him to come and get her.

Like I said before, both choices were great, but he is far away from me, which would mean less opportunities to see her. That is the only reason I didn’t choose him from the start. But thank goodness he was still available.

On Wednesday, he and his wife came down and we went out for breakfast and talked all about Tansy. They were so excited and listened to all my stories about her history. We went and picked her up, and again she gave me some slurpy kisses, and ran to her new new owners like they were old friends. That friendly greeting made me feel happy.

After they dropped me off, they headed for home, and ever since, I have heard all good things. Tansy and the cats are getting along, Tansy is having a great time in the yard, and is the best-behaved dog they’ve ever come across. I think I can rest easy knowing this will be where she will stay. At least she is close to my folks so I might be able to see her when I next see them, and I know her new family will send me lots of updates. My dream scenario is to bring Tansy’s raisers to her new home city and bring us all together for some fun adventures. Let’s hope I can pull it off.

And just because Tansy always teaches me something, here is her new preferred song.

Apparently there is video of her grooving out to this one.

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  1. I had an odd dream about her last night. She was back here staying with us for a while. I don’t know why. She decided that she was going to do all the things we never let her do or that she just never did. Go in the kitchen, climb on furniture, chew stuff. Whenever one of us would ask her what she thought she was doing, she would look at us and say “I’m the Shmans.” And for some reason, we had no argument for that and were just like yeah, she’s right. Carry on.

    I’m so happy that she’s having such a good, fun retirement. It took some work to find a good home, but in the end you found two. Hard to ask for much more than that.

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