All Jacked Up And NO Place To Go

If you’re going to steal a set of new tires, you could do worse than targeting a car dealership. Those places are, after all, a rich source of new tires. But it’s worth remembering that they also tend to be a rich source of security systems, which means that should your acquisition mission be successful, you may want to get a good distance away before you set about replacing the old tires on your car with the new ones since it is very possible that the police will be on your trail in short order. You may want to travel further than, say, across the street before jacking up your car, is what I’m getting at here. For if they catch up with you too soon you may not have a chance to get it down, and cars on jacks are not exactly known for their getaway prowess, you see.

The man is accused of stealing tires off a black Dodge Challenger, then driving across the street and attempting to put the tires on his own red Dodge Challenger.

When police arrived, the man dove into his car to flee, but since his car was up on jacks to swap out the tires, the car didn’t go anywhere.

He was quickly arrested for the theft, but also for a stolen gun they found, seven felony warrants, and possibly a partridge in a pear tree.

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