What A Wonderful, And Large, World

I can think of a few people for whom this $600, 60,000 piece jigsaw puzzle that Costco is selling would make a pretty cool gift. The problem is I have no idea where they would put it.

A photo of Costco's 60,000 piece puzzle made up of world landmarks.
I think we’re going to need a bigger house.

The sprawling What a Wonderful World puzzle is actually 60 interconnected 1000-piece puzzles to make assembly (somewhat) feasible. Each features a painting from the Dowdle Art Studio of a fascinating landmark from different parts of the world, like The Great Wall of China and The Eiffel Tower.

Once each section is completed, it can be connected to the larger canvas. When finished, the puzzle measures 8 feet tall and 29 feet wide. An included legend helps you keep track of which puzzle goes where in the literal bigger picture of things.

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