I’m Home…For Now

I know we’re supposed to be done with Christmas music, but don’t even try telling me you’re not hitting play on Deck the Halls sung to the tune of War Pigs no matter what time of year it is.

I’m back from part one of the Christmas vacation, and Carin should be walking in any time now. At the moment she’s having trouble finding a cab at the train station, of all places.

I had fun. Seppa got an air hockey table for Christmas, so that’s where a lot of Saturday went. We still have to teach him that you don’t play with all of the extra pucks on the table at once (that was pretty fun though) and that the game doesn’t end just because he’s losing and annoyed about it, but all in due time.

I also tried Flamin’ Hot Mountain Dew. I expected it to taste awful because I’m not the biggest Mountain Dew fan, but it was fairly alright. The strangest, most notable thing about it is that it isn’t spicy at all until you swallow it. After that it gives you an odd, low key heartburn feeling, but it goes away after a minute if you stop drinking it. I kind of wish I had saved it to see how it paired with the Tabasco chocolates I also received, but there was no way I wasn’t making the rest of the family try it. They’re not spice people at all, but sometimes there’s a price to be paid for being curious.

The rest of the trip was pretty standard. Tons of food, a couple drinks, presents, laughing at old stories, you know how it goes. Now we get to lay low for a few days and then head out for our New Year’s Christmas Eve party.

Hope you all had a fun one, that game aside. Ahh well. There’s always tomorrow.

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