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Last Updated on: 12th July 2013, 03:29 pm

Good Monday Morning to you all,
Well this will be short as I have much to, not the least of which being sending hate mail to carin over her views on “Hit That”. But….

Last night I was listening to The New Music and they threw out another track from the new Offspring album that may have been good enough for me to overlook Hit That and have me buy the album. The track is called “Spare Me The Details” and I was really in to it. It’s not your typical Offspring track at all as it’s not very heavy at all but I loved it. I would highly reccomend you at least download the track.

Last night I was at the Civic Auditorium to watch one of the strongest rivalries in OHL as Oshawa took on Peterborough. Now it was a great game if you like drama but not if you like the Gens. They dropped down 5-1 early in the second period and eventually clawed their way back in to it over the next two period and almost tied it in the last minute but failed to do so, and lost. The game itself is not why I bring this up.

There is a standing room section where you can lean on this railing all the way around the arena so the seats are small and I’m not so for the second period I stood up there and watched the game. About 9 minutes in to the period somebody slaps the side of my ass. I turn around with the thought in my head that “if this is not someone in my family that I came with, they’re hitting the floor”. I turn around and see this creepy, little, gray haired man standing there glairing at me like he’s the one that should be annoyed that someone has just slapped his ass. I stood there looking at him until he finally said, in a voice trying to sound like a bad-ass biker or something “y’wanna get outta my spot?”. I look around in amazement at the brash of this Hanz Moleman look alike thinking of a number of things that I’d like to say to him before realizing that this is probably a guy who’s been comming to these games since 1964 and has stood in the same place for every single game since then and if his routine was interrupted his head would probably explode so I gave him “his” spot back and moved down a bit.

From time to time through the period he would turn and glair at me which was starting to creep me out and eventually got bad enough that it made me decide I’d take my chances with the small seat and headed back down.

Sorry, I just hate people like that.

Be Back Later

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