So Long, Sandy

Last Updated on: 6th February 2023, 07:44 am

Sandy and Trixie in the water
A doggy friend and a lake. What else could one ask for?

I got some sad news the other day. Sandy, Steve’s aunt’s dog, the Australian shepherd that has been in so many stories over the years, passed away. She was 14, so certainly lived a good long life, but it’s still sad.

We first met Sandy when she chased Trixie around and around and around the living room. She also loooved using me as a chew toy. She taught me quickly that she loved red things, and she thought my shirt, Trixie’s leash and harness and my purse were mmm mmm good. She certainly had energy to burn. Poor Trixie did not appreciate that game, and told her off about it next time we saw her.

Then, as Trixie got older, they became friends, going on camping trips together and having a great time.

When Tansy came along, I hoped that Tansy and Sandy would run around like crazy. But Sandy did not approve of Tansy’s antics, and would act as Trixie’s personal guard dog. Sandy and Tansy really never learned to get along, unfortunately.

It doesn’t seem possible that Sandy has been part of family gatherings and stories for 14 years. But then again, the cousins are all grown up and they were smallish when Sandy showed up on the scene.

And just like that, another piece of history is gone. Goodbye Sandy. Thanks for the memories.

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