Anything But Boring: Day 13

Last Updated on: 8th May 2023, 10:51 am

Ee ee ee! Training is essentially over. All we have to do is go to the gift shop and get ready to get out of here. I’m mildly concerned that my suitcase might protest under the weight of old and new cargo and I might have to do some rearranging. But I’m not terrified, just a little worried. It’s a good problem to have.

This morning, we went on a trail and enjoyed the peace of it. Domino only got a bit confused once. Then when we got back, one classmate said he didn’t remember going through the overhead obstacle course so we all did it. I need to be more methodical about my probing for stuff above my legs, but that’s on me.

Lunch was a giant burrito (in honour of Cinco de Mayo) and key lime cheesecake. Nom! Tonight is personal pizzas. Yum.

I forgot to mention that this morning, I tried out their poop retrieving technique where instead of straddling his tush, I stand beside him. Then I bring him close, have him sit and then pick it up. So far, that’s working.

I have learned today that he is a fierce tugger. He tugs in short bursts and then stops. We were out on the patio near the chair that’s out there and he turned my sitting area into a shitting area. It’s a good thing I caught him. Hmm. Will it be safe to tug indoors? He probably knows.

Did I mention that my instructor is my hero and is going to the Made in Oregon store closer to here and will get me the exact same thing I bought before so I can give each raiser the same thing. So that’s great. I should probably check to see if my classmate needs help with the braille on the laundry.

Domino just asked me to hold his bone while he chewed it! That’s new.

Just groomed him and am going to get the resident advisor to check if I’m doing his tail well enough. Also, they’re already talking about how we’re getting booted out. We have to clear out of our rooms by 6:30 Sunday morning so the cleaning staff can have them ready for the next load of students. My driver doesn’t come and scoop me up until 8:00 I think. My flight is at 11:15. But that’s Sunday. I have to get through tomorrow.

I have a small problem. I have drained my food supply for Domino. There isn’t any more food for the morning. I mean, I’m sure they’ll give me more, but was I supposed to run out? Was the food they gave me supposed to carry me through the whole training. I’m worried I may have been heaping the cups. They didn’t look heaped, but did I slide? Or did they just make a rough estimate and my dog was on the higher end, so ran out. We’ll find out soon. Phew! I didn’t screw it up. They just fill up a couple bins and that’s that. They gave me another one.

Some help I turned out to be with the laundry. Turns out you have to do other messing around with the puff paint dots to get it to go. Fail! I went to do my own laundry and couldn’t for the life of me get it to go. It’s going now. And Domino’s tail looks fuzzy good.

Tired! Need to finish laundry. Need to roll my freshly-clean clothes and get everything contained. But also need to pack a fleece because it’s one of the bigger things. But Domino is sleeping on the fleece. Maybe do switcheroo after relieving? Yeah. Also need to grab melatonin. Hopefully nothing exciting will happen now. I should send this off and just try to pack pack pack.

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