Anything But Boring: The Journey Home

Last Updated on: 14th May 2023, 11:55 pm

So off we go. neerome! Wee! Can you tell I’m on the plane? Yup. Dom cruised through the airport with no trouble. Ok, he might have slurped a TSA agent but hey! He was petting, er, patting him down! We went through the metal detectors and only metal-covered Domino set them off. But when they swabbed my hands for explosive traces, they alarmed. So I got the full fondle treatment anyway. I blame kibble dust.

Domino was not pleased with his drastically-reduced portion this morning. He ate it, looked around to see if he had missed any, then poked me. “Ahem. Where’s the rest of it?”

Then we went to the fireplace room with our stuff and had a to go breakfast. I almost dumped over my orange juice on a low table with Domino’s harness handle. Thank god for fast-thinking resident advisors. One of us left at 7, so he speed ate his breakfast and was ready in time for his driver. It was sad to see him go. The newby and I, ah hell. We’re on Youtube. I think I can name names. Valerie and I rode together. Her dog was really giving her a run for her money but she’s got this. I’m going to miss all of our good times. We agreed to exchange contact info so that’s awesome.

We had a really nice driver named Jack. He was immensely helpful bringing our bags and helping us get airport help. Before we left campus, Domino pooped so that made me happy. I laughed a little inside. He pooped and the resident advisor said “Plant your feet!” Oh they’re planted! I am not turning the airport into an airpoort!

The dogs were smooth as silk. We got to TSA and I did the long leash sit deal and made it through beepless but I was still not saved. I set off the explosives alarm! So they took me to the side and touched me all over. Damn! And getting through beepless was supposed to avoid that. Like I said above, I blame kibble dust.

Then Domino just chilled out and waited to board. Then he got into my foot space nicely. At least my seat mates like dogs. I have a bulkhead seat, so woo. Apparently it’s a full flight.

United has that crazy safety video that I posted about years ago, the one with the barking dogs and the flight of the bumble bee-esque music. I still don’t know what’s going on. I mean, I get all the safety stuff, but all the extra fun stuff is still a mystery.

It appears Domino’s raisers found the blog. Welcome. Enjoy the wild ride. Safe travels back to Nevada.

What else can I say? I figured out why sometimes, I have to say his name before a command, and not just the command. He grew up in a house of multiple dogs. Of course he’d wait for his name. Got it!

The last few times I have flown, they have said that it’s a full flight, so who would like to gate check some bags? Then they said that if it’s a smart bag, you need to remember to remove the battery. This led me to wonder, What the heck is a smart bag? I guess this is a smart bag, although the person helping me through the airport said some smart luggage can move on its own and follow you like those Gita things I wrote about before. Wacky! And probably uber expensive.

This week is going to be a good mix of things. We’ll get this Humane society silliness straightened out, his food will arrive, we’ll go to the vet, we’ll do some LRT-learning, of course I’ll have to go back to work even though I’m still going to work from home for a bit longer. Then I have to get blood work, bleh, and Domino will charm Tansy’s old fans at the lab. Plus who knows what else we’ll get up to? The possibilities are endless!

Did I mention the dreams I was having a few months ago about getting the call and going to class? I had this dream about being out of shape. I had a vision of hobbling onto a city bus saying “Wait for me, I’m broken.” because I was so ill-prepared. Thankfully that never happened. My feet are a little sore, I have one sore toe, and my shoes look like they’re in rough shape but I am very much ok. I’m going to miss those foot soaks and I’m sad I never got to say goodbye to the one nurse. I mean, I like them all, but this one is so sweet. Whenever I say Domino’s name, I’ll hear her saying “Hi ho Domino!”

Just think about this. Right now, the dorm staff at GDB are welcoming a whole new crop of classmates. They’re all tired and scared and who knows what. I don’t know how they don’t zap out. Hopefully the next flock won’t have a loser who rarely finishes her meals and also eats slow.

When I get home, I’m going to read up on why Oregon is all about Bigfoot. Is it just because there were some sightings? It’s funny. There’s chocolate called Bigfoot Poop, there are restaurants called Bigfoot, it’s crazy!

They’re at the garbage collecting phase of the flight. That comes right before the descending bit. I thought we had more flight to go. I have no concept of time.

So my layover is short in Chicago. Domino, will you be able to hold it? I don’t know if we can get to the indoor relieving area and if you’ll be disgusted by it. Hang on, Domino! Hang on!

I should mention that because GDB did the paperwork for flying, all was tickity boo! They didn’t even ask for it.

Oh! Another thing I need to do soonishly is make sure Tansy’s Mut Muffffs will fit Domino so he can be reasonably comfortable in concerts. I wouldn’t take him somewhere where he wouldn’t be safe, but something that’s a little loud. We have to be ready to go to the April Wine show at the end of the month. Hey Domino, wanna schmooze with Tansy’s old pet store folk? We’ll take a great big walk and cruise down there and maybe they’ll get you all fitted. You’re a mut muff model!

Also, I want to apologize to Tansy. Apparently that God soap I used on her may not have been the best idea. It can really strip the oils out of the hair. Oops! I don’t know what I’ll use the god soap for now, but it won’t be for bathing Domino. I never noticed any problems but maybe I was an oblivious tool.

I can’t get “Bad Bad Leroy Brown” out of my head. It played while I was packing and it just won’t leave. And apparently, Domino might be a fan of the song “The Happy Wanderer.” I’ll have to test that one. Although if he’s anything like Tansy, maybe he’ll say that song is only for his raisers to use. “Back off! Get your own song choice!” Maybe he’ll like “Blow a raspberry.” Aww. I can’t find that song on Youtube. We’ll have to settle for the Happy Wanderer.

Bumpity bump! Slight turbulence. I think Domino wanted to stick his nose in first class. I think I caught him in time.

I can’t remember if I wrote this down when it happened, but when I just got him, we were snuggling around on the floor, and I bumped something and my phone started playing a song called “Lay Down Low,” and he did. Down he went. I’m sure it was a coincidence but it made me laugh.

So, the big questions we will have to figure out. Will Domino fit in Tansy’s crate? Will he like her bed? Or will he always be on the hunt for the phantom dog? It will be a while before we can solve that mystery for him.

We’re feeling more bumpy and the seat belt sign came on. I wonder if we’re starting to descend. Domino is just chillin,, deep breathing away.

Seat backs and tray tables up. We’re going to say hello to Chicago.

So I didn’t get to write the rest of this until a week later because stupid ol’ me let them put my backpack up where I couldn’t reach it so I couldn’t get at my display. So let me try and remember everything I wanted to say.

When we got off at Chicago, we never left the gate. That same gate was where we were boarding the next plane. I have never seen that before! Although awesome, it meant 0 chance for Domino to relieve in Chicago. We got on the plane and it was an uneventful flight. The only place where I failed was I didn’t ask for ice chips for Domino the one time they came around offering drinks. I forgot how short the flight was.

We arrived at Pearson in Toronto, and got the most overwhelmed assistance person I have ever seen. Not only was she helping myself and a fellow in a wheelchair, but she felt obligated to help every non-English speaking passer-by we found. If that has fallen into the job description of a mobility assistance person, something is horribly wrong.

We inched along at the pace of a snail, until the fellow in the wheelchair heaved himself out of the wheelchair and hobbled away at a glacial pace saying “At least I’m going somewhere this way.” Oh if only I had that option. I had to continue start stopping my way through the airport at a painfully slow rate.

At one of our many start stops, I noticed Domino expressing displeasure. He did that tell-tale wiggledy jiggledy I have held my pee for too long dance. She asked me what was wrong and I said “Well, he has to pee since he’s held it since 11 a.m. Eastern, so the longer we doddle along, the worse it gets for him.” She felt bad, but it did not help with our speed.

We finally got to baggage claim and my bag was there. Then after more ridiculousness, she did find the cab I had arranged. Pro tip: It works better if you look for “Carin” and not “Candice.” The driver was very nice, and found a spot on the shoulder of a highway for Domino to pee, and pee he did! I think Toronto got a brand new lake.

After that he cruised home without incident. I toured him around the house and he said hello to Steve and, after another pee break, settled down for the night. He’s growing to like Tansy’s bed, and he can fit in the crate but I can’t figure out how much he likes it. I think the first step is to get him a brand new crate mat. I think Tansy’s mat is a little ancient.

I always forget how exhausting the first week is. I could not shake off this drained feeling, even though I didn’t have to go into the office. But every day, it gets better and better, easier and easier.

We’ve been busy this week. We got his service dog tag from the Humane Society. It’s amazing what happens when you show up at their door looking at them with your jiggly eyes. Then doctor’s notes become irrelevant. We went to the vet where they cooed over him and talked about how awesome he looks. We went to the drug store, the mall, around a big neighbourhood loop and to the park. He has also met my parents and a big chunk of Steve’s family and of course everyone loves him.

Chuck, the field representative from the school, is coming to see us in a couple of weeks to make sure we’re all good. I’m sure we’re all good. We haven’t checked out the light rail train yet because when we got home, the buses were on strike and were picketing near the trains. But that is solved so we can get at that soon.

He’s been a wonderful dog in the house, no problems at all. But he learned pretty quickly that the kitchen is a place where he is not to go. But he drifts around like a ghost. I’m used to being able to hear the dog coming. He will just appear. It’s a good thing he’s well-behaved. He could get up to a lot of no good with those ghost paws of his.

He keeps making the dog across the hall go into barking fits whenever we have the audacity to leave the apartment. And I have heard Domino let out one bark when he was startled awake by some noise in the hall. That is the one and only time I have heard him bark.

And that’s about it for now in terms of updates. Stay tuned for more, whenever I can get them up here.

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  1. The first little while is always tiring, even when the dog isn’t directly your responsibility. But he’s been great. Him and I are pretty good buddies already. We have to work a little bit on do not headbutt the full tea cups and you have your own water so there’s no need to try sticking your face into the glasses on the tables, but we’ll get there.

    1. And yes, he floats. The other dogs you could hear coming for miles just because of their tags, but somehow he doesn’t work that way. I’m getting a little better, but most of the time he’s either on you or long gone by the time you figure out where he is. You often hear people talking about wanting something to silence the tags, but that’s not what he needs. He could really use a…a…loudener of some sort.

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