Anything But Boring: My Meeting With Domino

Last Updated on: 15th May 2023, 08:40 am

Domino sitting in the Gresham lounge
Here’s Domino!

So, for the purposes of history, I’m posting a recording of my meeting with Domino. But I have to apologize for its quality. Without thinking, I recorded it while wearing my Aftershokz headphones which, while they’re pretty great, don’t record other voices in the room as well as the voice of the person wearing them. So the instructor is really hard to hear. Oops. But here it is, warts and all.

Also, I don’t know why, but his birth date as stated here is wrong. He’s a September baby.

Meet Domino!

God, I’m so obnoxious in these. But it still makes me tear up.

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