Happy Whatever You Call The Day After Canada Day

Hope everyone is having a nice long weekend. We are, and I’m sure glad that our biggest plans were for yesterday when it turned out to be beautiful and not today when it’s been raining pretty much straight through for the last seven hours. I know some people who are supposed to be at an outdoor family reunion today. I wish them luck with that.

We spent yesterday at my mom’s for a birthday party. It was a nice time, as these things generally are. Lots of good food, some laughs, some time in the pool.

Kids tend to like me, so I can almost never go an entire day without being attacked by at least one youngster. But this latest one wasn’t quite the child I had in mind.

Me on my knees in a pool while my brother tries to climb his large self onto my shoulders.
You sure have grown since the 80s, little fella.

Yes, that’s brother Brad, a grown ass man, trying to get onto my shoulders.

Me standing straight up in the pool while my brother sits on my shoulders.
That actually worked!

And that’s me, somehow managing to stand straight up with him without killing us both. The pool sits on the ground and it’s not exactly level, so it was hard to get good footing.

Considering I’m kinda old, beaten up and not in the best of shape, I’m impressed I was able to do that. Although I think I screwed up my neck on the dismount. It hurts quite a bit today. Thankfully nothing else does, at least no more than usual.

Me dumping my brother backwards into the water.
Get him off me! Get him off me! Brad is likely the only one who will understand this joke.

For the record, this is closer to what I was expecting.

Me standing on some grass with my 7-year-old nephew on my shoulders.
You’re a funcle. that means a fun uncle.

Enjoy your holidays, everybody. One of us will be back to talk to you soon. I know Carin has no shortage of things to say. She just needs to find the time to say them.

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