Half-Pipe Joke Goes Here

I’m barely coordinated enough to do one of these things.

A Connecticut man wanted for exposing himself and masturbating while skateboarding to trail walkers has been nabbed by police.

Over the course of several days in mid-July, the Southington Police Department received complaints from community members in the area of the Rails to Trails of a man on a skateboard exposing himself to walkers on the trail, said Lt. Keith Egan, of the Southington Police.

 Several witnesses also reported that Martinez-Morales was actively masturbating, Egan said.

The article says that he was “nabbed” by police and that he turned himself in after a warrant was granted for his arrest, which really doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. But however we got to where we are now, the end result was three counts each of public indecency and breach of peace, and surely a slight sense of awe from more than a few fellas.

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