All I Want For Christmas Is Words, Goats And A Chicken

I’ll be honest here. The last little while, I’ve been having a hell of a time with the part of my brain that comes up with thoughts and words and then turns them into blog posts. I don’t exactly know why and I doubt I ever will, but it’s happening and it’s frustrating. Perhaps the last few years of waiting for the next garbage thing to happen has finally started to wear on me. That’s as good a guess as any, and probably as close to a right one as I’m going to get.

But I do want too use whatever words I do have at the moment to wish you all a happy holiday.

If you’ve got Christmas shopping to do, you have my sympathies. Christ, it was hard this year. Carin and I got ours done, but it came way closer to the wire than we’re used to. Nobody knew what they wanted this year, and we had just as many ideas. When even the kids on your list are difficult, you know it’s a tough year.

We’re doing Christmas with my family this year, which means four gatherings in five days. My favourite! But like I always say when I’m talking myself out of being annoyed by that, at least I’ve got people to gather with. Hopefully you all do too if that’s your thing and I hope you have a lovely time with them.

And now I will leave you with a couple of things you can listen to during those gatherings.

“O Holy Night,” sung by a bunch of goats. I like to think that the screaming one is screaming because he is also creeped out by the sound of goats.

And a much more pleasant version of “All I Want for Christmas Is you” than the one to which we are generally subjected.

You’re welcome, and merry Christmas!

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