Music Playing Kid: Caleb Hayes, Eight-Year-Old Drummer

Last Updated on: 10th May 2024, 02:35 pm

I’m sure I’ve said it before when I’ve posted one of these but it’s probably worth saying again. If I were eight and my favourite band said to me “Steve, come on up here and play a song with us”, I’d probably have lost my shit and totally screwed it up. but I’m not Caleb Hayes, who was eight when he got to do that with Evanescence at a soundcheck. He did great.

Caleb had his mind absolutely BLOWN when he was invited to play Take Cover with Evanescence in soundcheck! He wasn’t expecting it & even though Will’s Monster kit is huge in comparison to Caleb (4ft tall) he was still determined to crush it & give it his all! Enjoy 🥁
Thank you Will for making this happen 🙏Precious memories with an absolutely Awesome band🔥🥁🙌

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