Jiminy Christmas!

Police: Man uses Uber to rob bank, has driver wait to take him home
You will be shocked (Shocked I say!) to learn that our friend Jason Christmas here didn’t make a clean getaway, and not just because there’s nothing clean about dye packs exploding all over you, the money and the poor driver’s back seat. There’s also the small matter of being the guy who robbed a bank, was seen getting into an Uber when he finished doing that, the Uber being visible on the bank’s security footage and Uber having your name when you book a ride.

But lest you leave here today thinking that this fellow is a complete dope, keep in mind that he did give this whole escapade at least enough thought to realize that he should probably use Uber because his license was suspended and he didn’t want to get himself into any trouble.

According to police, they were dispatched to the Huntington Bank on Greenfield Road, just north of Nine Mile, just after 5 p.m. on Thursday on a report of a bank robbery. Police said Christmas took an Uber to the bank and asked the driver to wait as he went inside and robbed the bank. The driver was unaware of Christmas’ plans, police say.

The Uber driver took Christmas back to his apartment complex – the Heights of Southfield in Lahser – where police took him into custody just outside the apartment building.
In a bodycam video released by Southfield Police, Christmas is handcuffed and on the ground. Police asked him if he got shot because of “red stuff” that was all over him. The red stuff was from the dye packs that was put in with the money that the bank handed over to him.
The money, which police pulled from his pockets, was covered in red dye.

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  1. Don’t worry, Mr. Uber driver, if you pick up my guide dog and I, none of those things will happen to you. But my dog is soooo dirty riding on the floor.

    But also, what a dope.

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