Cancel Culture Is Real

The ghouls at Fox News have ruined it, but I’m going to go ahead and use the phrase fair and balanced to describe this Jon Stewart Daily Show segment on cancel culture.

He is, as is often the case, absolutely right. Most of the people who yell the loudest about a lack of free speech have no idea how free speech works. Many of those who yell the loudest about being silenced yell it from the biggest platforms and see no irony in that whatsoever. Our modern world absolutely does incentivize outrage for everyone, and that sucks an awful lot. And if there is really a cancel culture, the ones most in danger of running up against it are the ones who complain the most that they are, but not for the reasons they think.

It’s been great having Jon Stewart back on TV. Actually this is Canada, so back on YouTube, I guess. Count dropping the Daily Show as another of Bell Media’s great decisions. They have absolutely ruined the Comedy Network. Ruined it to the point where if I could cancel it as a standalone service, I absolutely would.

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