I Want To Get Convicted Again

Point: Someone with 11 felonies on his record should know how to commit a proper robbery by now.
Counterpoint: You don’t end up with 11 felonies on your record by being good at crime.

You would not, for instance, threaten a clerk who just caught you trying to shoplift, go outside, put on a hood and a mask, then come back and bang on a locked door until the cops come to take you home.

Mugshot of a man with light skin, short brown hair, and blue eyes. He is wearing an orange prison jumpsuit over a white shirt. His expression is neutral, and he is looking directly at the camera. The background is a plain, light-colored wall.
Austin Michael Croy

The clerk told him he had to pay for them, and Croy allegedly put the items down, walked back toward the clerk, and lifted his shirt, displaying a gun (the arrest report calls it a “gun/stun gun”) on his hip. He then reportedly left the store and went to his vehicle, where he reportedly put on a hooded jacket and tied a bandanna on his face to hide his identity, and tried to re-enter the store. However, while he was outside, the clerk and some customers had locked the front door and hidden at the back of the store.
Croy then allegedly started beating on the glass front door and was still pounding on the door when officers arrived and arrested him.

The story I linked doesn’t mention it, but I’ve seen more than one that add the detail that when he flashed the gun, he also said to the clerk that he does what he wants. Hopefully one day he figures out what that is, because it sure as shit can’t be this…can it?

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