Best Joke Ever, My Dog

Sorry it’s another damn TikTok, screen reader people. But I got a nice laugh out of this kid and his dog.


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It’s funny for the obvious reason of course, but if you’ve been around enough kids, you might also get a chuckle out of the little guy saying “do it again” every time.

That bit reminds me of one of the nephews in particular. He was big on routine in his games and did his best to make sure you knew what to do. He had one where he would hide in a big chair, you would sit down, lean back and say “Why is this chair so lumpy!?”, at which point he would pop up from behind and start laughing so that you would react with surprise. But you could never just do it once. If you tried, he would say something like “sit down soon, uncle Steve” and then sneak back to the chair as if he hadn’t said anything. Or better yet, he would get back in the chair, look at who he wanted and ask, “why is this chair so lumpy?”

Little kids are the best…most of the time.

Brief description of what’s happening here by way of BoingBoing.

A Labrador retriever and a toddler yuk it up, taking turns telling the same hilarious joke.
“Awoo!” says the young boy, sitting in his high chair as he throws back his head for emphasis. To which the doggo responds, “Awoo!”
“Awoo!” the boys says again, followed by the pup’s howling one-word response. The two go on like this for several minutes, triggering explosive laughter from the tiny human every time his four-legged friend delivers the punchline.

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