A Funny Refresher On Things That Annoy Blind People

I saw this satirical list of 17 ways to make a blind person happy, and after I finished laughing, I thought it needed a link.

Let’s see. How many of these have I experienced? Most of them. Thankfully no. 11 doesn’t happen much, but it has. The closest I’ve had to no. 12 was that chocolate randomly handed to me by that woman, but I have no idea what her intentions were. I’m also lucky that I don’t experience no. 15 a lot, although my juvenile room-mate from first year of university was a big fan of this one. But my point is none of these seem far-fetched or over-exaggerated. Think about that for a while.

Aside: isn’t it sad that she had to make it obvious that this is satire? But I don’t blame her when things like this story from The Onion are taken for real news. We don’t want people thinking these are actually helpful things to do.

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