There Is An Apple IIe Emulator With Echo Speech. Thank You, Internet

This, if it works as advertised, is going to be beyond awesome! For years Carin and I wished that something like it existed, and now it does.

Calling those of you who remember playing games on Apple computers back in the 80’s. Would you like to reconnect with childhood memories you thought were lost forever? Play old games you thought you’d never play again? Now you can!

Introducing the Apple IIe emulator, complete with Echo speech synthesizer support. Take a trip back to your childhood days. Find out what it would be like to run a lemonade stand. Try to escape a giant maze while avoiding the room where the villain is lurking. Take a crack at landing on the moon. Play the Typing Game, Dragon Maze, Space Invaders, and Music Game. It’s all possible, right now.

Too young to remember any of this? See for yourself what accessible computer games were like before smartphones, before the Internet, before Windows, and before natural-sounding synthetic speech was widely available.

Download and unzip the file. Read the Readme for instructions. Works on Windows, with information about a Mac version coming soon!

I spent countless hours playing these games when I was little, so hopefully this will bring back some cool memories.

I still have my old Apple IIe, by the way. It’s at my dad’s house and amazingly still worked the last time I turned it on.

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  1. oh boy does it ever work as advertised. That, that’s a weird experience. The whole screen changes! So, so weird. But so, so awesome. Sadly I got killed by a puppy in Great Escape, and cursed out some space invaders, which I’m sure I didn’t do as a kid, but hey.

    1. I’ll second this. It works as advertised and it’s pretty freakin sweet. Bit of a pain in the hoop to get running until you get the hang of it in the sense that you have to remember things and type them without speech, but once you get the hang of it, man is it ever cool.

      And next time I get the chance I need to secretly record Carin playing Space Invaders. Some of you may learn some new words.

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