A Funny Refresher On Things That Annoy Blind People

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2015, 10:53 am

I saw this satirical list of 17 ways to make a blind person happy, and after I finished laughing, I thought it needed a link.

Let’s see. How many of these have I experienced? Most of them. Thankfully no. 11 doesn’t happen much, but it has. The closest I’ve had to no. 12 was that chocolate randomly handed to me by that woman, but I have no idea what her intentions were. I’m also lucky that I don’t experience no. 15 a lot, although my juvenile room-mate from first year of university was a big fan of this one. But my point is none of these seem far-fetched or over-exaggerated. Think about that for a while.

Aside: isn’t it sad that she had to make it obvious that this is satire? But I don’t blame her when things like this story from The Onion are taken for real news. We don’t want people thinking these are actually helpful things to do.

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  1. The closest I’ve come to number 12 are those people who give me their business cards or the business cards of some dude they know for no other reason than “Hey look, This has Braille on it! You can read it!” “Thanks. This’ll look great alongside the rest of my garbage,” I always want to say to them.

    And believe it or not, I used to like playing the catch me game with other kids when I was little. Not only did I find it helped with using sounds for orientation, but the reactions when I’d win (which I usually did) were priceless, confidence boosting or both. Also helped me come across as more of a regular kid to the others.

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