MSN Log-In Names

Last Updated on: 18th September 2013, 08:39 am

At recent check, I have 7 people on my MSN list that have names that piss me right off. Now, before someone accuses me of being a hypocrate.. just hold on.

I’m not saying that everyon’es name should just be their first name and that’s it. That’s no fun. I don’t see any problem with someone posting a joke, a song lyric, something that happened to them or whatever as their log-in name. But come on. Using your name to tell me in no uncertain terms who you voted for in the provincial election last week is dumb. Then for the rest of the day having a name that chants for the political party like a cheap sporting event… get lost with that stuff. Keep it off my screen.

Anyway, I know most of you who know me will still say that was hypocritical and to that I’ll reply. Piss off! It’s my site and i’ll say what I wanna.


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