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Last Updated on: 26th July 2013, 09:31 am

How do you like that? According to our hit counter some of you are dumb enough to actually come and see what me and Steve have to say. Gotta say, wasn’t expecting that. So, I wanna see who actually showed up on purpose or who meant to be here so this is what i’d like to do to see who’s intentionally here and also get some feedback and men and steve’s writing.
If you actually meant to show up here I want you to shoot me an e-mail with a subject of one AND ONLY ONE of the following.

1. Matt’s writing rules and Steve, well, poor Steve.

2. Steve is the man and we’d kinda like to see him ditch Matt

or 3. Both of you write like 8 yr old children who reide the short bus to school and I won’t be back to your retarded site.

Don’t bother writing anything in the e-mail if you don’t actually have anything to say as this is just a bit of a test. If you actully have feedback, by all means. While you’re at it send it to Steve at the same time. This should be interesting.

Here’s the adresses
mattrobinson_gms@hotmail.com, sendstuffhere@rogers.com.

Be gentle! It’s our first time.

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