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This was sent to me just a few minutes ago and as promised, I’m posting it. There’s still time for you to get a spot in this space, just send your thoughts to me and I’ll put them up here. You’ve got until bell time at 8 PM eastern time to send these in so there’s still time. Just remember, I’m not spellchecking anything anybody sends me so that’s your responsibility. And now, take it away, Nick!


Okay. First thing’s first. IF the WWE are serious enough about building new stars, they shouldn’t have Undertaker two years in a row to be up against Brock
Lesnar with the title on the line. That’s one of the downfalls of the roster split. Anyways, predictions:
Match 1: Chris Benoit vs. A-Train:
Tell me if Chris Benoit is being underused. Kids, raise your hands. Many are raised, of course. I may have seen some house show cards indicating that Benoit
goes up against Brock (with the belt? not sure). Well, for the time being, Benoit is stuck in the undercard and I believe that he’ll break out with an
important win over A-Train.
Winner: Benoit via submission.
Match 2: Tajiri vs. Rey Mysterio:
How does Tajiri have that mist in his mouth the whole time during the match??? That always makes me wonder. Just as the WWE had introduced the new Cruiserweight
Division, I didn’t think that I’d be left out from seeing Ultimo Dragon NOT be included in the title chase, whilest Mysterio, Kidman, Noble and Tajiri.
WWE needs to be making more efforts to have Dragon be a part of the chase. But for the time being, Mysterio, in my mind, is too popular to be held without
the belt. Tajiri’s title reign was interesting and may be losing a bit of it’s steam.
Winner: Mysterio captures his third title reign via the West Coast Pop.
Match 3: Zach Gowen vs. Matt Hardy:
Who should the winner be??? NO ONE!!! Why??? The common consensus is that regardless of how the match ends or whomever wins, the fans will say: “Matt Hardy
only beat a one-legged guy, or Matt Hardy lost to be a one-legged guy, which in turn losses the credibility of the character and hurts him as far as a
push. Remember back to the Summerslam PPV when that match was canceled? Good move there. But now, it hurts Hardy’s character in both ways. For Zach Gowen,
he’s only used best in the mid-card area and shouldn’t be tarnishing any of the up-and-comers, like Hardy.
Winner: Zach Gowen with the one-legged moonsault.
Match 4: The Big Show vs. Eddie Guerrero for the US Title:
In my mind, Guerrero SHOULD be the next main-eventer on the Smackdown! brand. He has charisma, he’s good on the stick, has excellent wrestling technique.
Therefore, he should drop the strap to The Big Show in hopes of him getting volted into the main-event scene, which is getting stale.
Winner: The Big Show, which help from Chavo Guerrero (which is the only reason why Chavo’s getting pushed, is because of Eddie)
Match 5: Kurt Angle vs. John Cena:
Definitely the match of the night. I’m not sure if these two had been working house shows together, but I’d see this match any night of the week vs. what’s
been going on top as of late. Kurt and Cena know how to work well together in matches and this will be a specticale of a match. Match of the year candidate???
For sure. Along the same lines, John Cena is in the line for a US title run and not far from a WWE Title run in about another six to eight months.
Winner: Too close to call, but I’m going with the Master Of Thuganomics, John Cena.
Match 6: Vince Mcmahon vs. Stephanie McMahon:
Can’t disagree with Steve’s predictions on this one. There was also a quote from Steph on the Jimmy Kimmel show, as she was asked why the Mcmahon family
is getting strongly pushed on both shows: “We can’t resist.” Is that it??? Is that only it???
I’m sorry but for that to be said, there’s no reason why both Mc’s or any Mc’s for that matter have the power to thawrt any angle proposal with ‘wrestlers’
and shoot it down to be replaced with Vince against Undertaker for the WWE title as an example??? Arrrrrggghhh!!!!
Winner: Vince. Happy Marriage and honeymoon, Steph. (Oh yeah, with Trips becoming a Mcmahon, well, seeing my explianation above.)
Match 7: Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar for the WWE Title; Stip: Biker Chain Match:
We’ve seen these guys on top last year, and with the same allignments as Brock as heel, same as last year as well as Taker as a face, same as last yer.
The only difference was that Taker was the champ last year and Brock needed to be crowned the champion to build him as a star.
A year later, the writiers have no belief in Benoit or those other up-and-comers. Instead, Taker??? I’m sorry, but Undertaker’s time has definitely passed
him as a main-eventer a long time ago.
Winner: Brock retains with a CLEAN F-5 FINISH.
Steve, how did you like those ones??? Oh yeah. What’s going on with the tag straps??? Hmmm, I guess it’ll be thrown together in the last minute.
Steve, make any comments if you wish, as well as you, Matt.


There you have it, guest predictions. It’s just that easy. All you’ve gotta do is
mail those bad boys to me
and they’ll be up here faster than you can say something that takes a long time to say because it’ll take a few minutes for the email to get to me, and then I have to read it, add anything I feel the need to add and then put it up here for the world. Trust me though, they’ll get posted unless my computer takes the biggest shit on the earth.


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