Squirrels Will Never Be The Same For Those Kids

Last Updated on: 14th March 2019, 10:38 am

What the? That’s all I can say. I challenge anyone else to come up with anything after reading this disturbing story of Timothy Flood.

They said that Flood “pulled down his blue boxer shorts, exposed his penis to them and told them they better be glad they don’t have ‘these’ (testicles) because they itch all the time.”

The warrant application also stated that Flood had placed a squirrel’s skull “on the head of his penis and tells them to look at it and then eats the squirrel’s eyeballs.”

Flood allegedly told the victims that he was going to “bounce this on top of their heads” and tried to hit one of them in the head with his penis three times, according to the document.

How the hell does one hit someone in the head with his penis? It sounds like the guy who was accused of swinging his genetals.

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