People Love Matt, What Can I Say

Last Updated on: 18th September 2013, 11:20 am

Just saw this on the comment boards, which any of you can feel free to use by the way. There’s a link at the end of every post that you can use to drop feedback like this person who is now my new best friend did. And if you’re not a fan of comment boards,
also works. Keep in mind that I had nothing to do with getting this posted anywhere other than here on the main page. Somebody, who clearly knows who the true talent is around here did this all on his or her own.

“Matt, I’ve read some of your postings. I applaud your attempts at inserting “BIG” words into your posts. However when used in the wrong context, and poorly
spelled, they sort of lose their magic. If you want to succeed, invest in an editor, and by that, I don’t mean Steve.”

What more can I say? Well for now, nothing.

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