Time To Open The Mailbag

Last Updated on: 26th July 2013, 09:28 am

Well, we’ve had some questions e-mailed to us that we figured we’d answer in bulk right here. for some reason you decided not to do it on the comments board, but hey, that’s fine. E-mails works.

Before we get started. We’ll make this a semi-regular thing. Once we reach a certain number of questions we can post your answers up here in kind of an “ask the idiots” kinda deal. Now, this is our first time so bare with us and we’ll get better as we go. We promise!

For now, though. Courage!

Q: Do either of you have any kind of qualifications for doing something like this? Or even a reason to because so far this all seems like pointless ramblings. By a diary you fucking homo’s.

A: Well, Chris. It’s a good question. neither of us has any internet background, any kind of certificate that says we have any rite to answer your questions with any kind of professional background, or any interest in what goes on in your petty meaningless life… But we like ours, and you’re here aren’t you? So you must kinda like ours too. Also, there is no need to resort to name calling. You are not the first person to question Steve and I’s sexuality, and you sure as hell won’t be the last. Let’s move on, Kids.

Q: I’ve seen you both post things talking about punk rock. Are either of you in to Ska?

A: See, Chris? No need to be rude. Just strait to the point. And Featherhead, nothing like some good ol’ Ska to put you to sleep at night. That seemed like a pretty boring question and so far boring answer, so let me throw a few bands at you all to check out, F-Head here probably already has these. Reel Big Fish, Mustard Plug, and Less Than Jake are all with your money. There ya go F-Head. Thanks for writing and being cooler than our friend Chris.


Q: This question is for Matt. How the helll old r u? Turltes, Mario, Grinch? Time 4 u 2 get a life, man.
Sweety Pye

A: Do you know Chris? You two should hook up. Anyway, i’m 20 and am maturity challenged. I just miss my childhood stuff. We can’t all have no hearts and no feelings like you. Besided, in all fairness, Mario is cool at ANY age. Lighten up, sista!

Things are starting to get a little heated here. Here’s one for Steve, maybe it will lighten the mood a bit.

Q:Yo, Steve. I love life is a hi-way. why u gotta go slammin’ on it. it’s a goddamn classic u peckerhead
Jake Da Snake

A: I have to respectfully disagree. You, on the other hand, are a goddamn classic peckerhead.

Oh dear, that didn’t go good at all? This one’s short. Let’s see what we have here.

Q: Will this site ever be good?

A: Fuck You!

Ok, well this has gotten pretty hostile, i must say so maybe this is a good spot to wrap it up for this week. Write me and Steve and we’ll answer whatever it is you might wanna know. Cua, I mean. We know pretty much everything, don’t we Chris? So feel free to send your inquiries over to me or Steve.

Y’all have a good day, now. Except you Chris. I hope your day sucks.

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