Enemies, Mr Shmoe, A Russian Retard & MORE!!

Last Updated on: 14th August 2013, 11:47 am

It seems that my newest enemy, Steve, and my oldest enemy, let’s call her… EVIL HUMANIZED have united lately in a movement to shatter my ego. Well, let me say this! The two of you have much work ahead of you to smash THIS ego. I’m not sure at what point Steve and I actually BECAME enemies. It seems that decision was made for us but rest assured friend. You’re in for a war. I now consider you to be on the same level as things like Oprah, Big Show work-rate, our friend Chris, pineapple juice and other things that plague my life. You join elite company.

Just thought I’d pass on yet another reminder of tonight’s Joe Shmoe Show finale on Spike TV. You’d better be watching or …. uhh… hmmm. This threatening stuff is hard. Moving on.

As I said late last night. I went to see the Leafs/Thrashers game. Was actually a good game but it provided a unique experience. I was able to see the player who is right now probably my favourite in the league and the player that is BY FAR the guy I hate most in the league.

Yup. Gary Roberts vs Ilya Kovalchuk. I’m sure most of you can guess which is which but for those of you who suffer from an exceptionally intense case of IDIOCY I’ll specify. Roberts Good. Kovalchuk Not As Good. Roberts is a complete hockey player through and through. He hits, passes, scores, makes good plays along the boards, goes in to the corners and will stand up for his team mates if he has to. Now let me make this very, very clear for all of you. Kovalchuk is GARBAGE! Yup, pure Russian trash. (before I move on I’ll say I don’t believe all Russians are trash, I simply used Russian as an adjective, there’s Canadian trash out there too! believe me, saw most of it last night at ACC)

The guy’s a goddamn hot dog. At the World Junior’s two years ago his Russian team was up 8-0 on a young French time who was just there for experience. Kovalchuk scores a goal to make it 9-0 and dances and celebrates tauntingly like he has just scored the Stanley Cup winning goal. A few nights ago he scored on an empty net to insure a win for his team and instead of having some dignity and respect for the other team, he drops to one knee and slides along the ice pumping his fst. What the HELL is that? It’s an empty net you retard and the game was already over. Now you’re just trying to embarass the other team. I can’t wait until someone like Todd Bertuzzi or Rob Blake absolutely staples that guy to the boards after pulling some shit like that on their home rink. Stuff like that pisses me.

Well that’s it for now. I’ll be back later with some more Hallowe’en Countdown and we’ll see what else. Don’t forget to tune in to Steve’s radio show today!! The link’s over there on the right.

What? Oh I guess I promised “MORE!!!” up there in the title, didn’t i? Wel tough! I’m tired you greedy pricks. I need some me time.

Have A Good One

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