A Good Night, A Bad Night, Some Dumb Shit So Let’s All Fight

Last Updated on: 12th May 2013, 02:37 pm

Well I just got back from the Leaf game, and what do I see? Idiocy on the boards! Had a great time at the Leaf game but having to come back to this sours me quite quickly.

But.. I don’t have much to say on it. Steve handled pretty much everything that needed to be said, and did it quite well. No need for me to repeat him or step on what he’s said. That may cause INFIGHTING!!!

I’ll say this though. Would be wise for our friend to keep in mind what I told him about the ability to block people from the message board. It’s 2 clicks away. I’ll leave at that and just say good work to my partner, Jim.

As I said, I spent tonight in T.O. at the Air Canada Center watching the Leafs and Thrashers. Was a great game despite the Leafs losing in overtime. Although, by all right the Leafs should have been out of it long before then but as usual, Uncle Eddie kept them in it. And the O.T. goal was beautiful with Savard goin’ roof-daddy on Belfour. He really didn’t have a chance.

Enough of that. I was overwhelmed of the pool of human ignorance that is downtown Toronto. Everyone feeling that they need to be the first ones to their seats. Something wrong when my 10 year old cousin gets cut off and run in to by two 40 year old steaming piles of… well you get it. And ya if either of you two are reading. You shouldn’t have been surprised that I didn’t walk around when you stopped right in front of me after hittin’ my cousin. Kinda sucks to get absolutely crushed by someone bigger than you, doesn’t it? You better be careful. The next 10 year old you cut off may just kick your ass! 10 year olds these days are total bad-asses.

Thanks to Steve’s friend for the fun Hallowe’en stuff. You’re all more than welcome to contribute with things like that. It shakes things up a bit.

Jim, prepare for BEHIND THE SCENES BATTLES! Inside jokes are mine and mine alone! And I think we need to find this source he’s using. We have a mole amongst us. We’ll find him, Jim. We’ll find him.


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