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Last Updated on: 25th September 2013, 04:11 pm

Just read a couple things that I thought were worth mentioning. First, Vanilla Ice is 35 today. Happy birthday to him. I respect Vanilla Ice for a few reasons. For one thing, he hardly ever puts out music anymore and when he does, it doesn’t show up on radio and haunt me everywhere I go. But when I think about it, I’d rather hear his stuff than some of the shit we’re subjected to these days.

Another thing I like about him is that for a guy who’s career has basicly been dead since 1992, he’s amazing at making sure people don’t forget him by coming back just enough to make us remember before going away again. We don’t get any sort of Vanilla over-saturation like we get with other celebs. You can count on hearing about him every couple years or so pretty much like clockwork. There was that metal album he did, that boxing match he had for the celebrity boxing special, and I think he even did a song with The Bloodhound Gang at one point. He’s made being washed up in public into an artform and for that he deserves something, although what that is I’m not really sure.

I also respect the fact that he’s not a whore like Pam Anderson, or at least the fact that if he is, he’s smart enough to keep his fool mouth shut about it. Just saw this on Rolling Stone and for some reason it pissed me off.


Just three days after KID ROCK publicly serenaded
on-again/off-again fiance PAMELA ANDERSON at a New York City bar,
she was seen holding hands and kissing ex-husband TOMMY LEE at the
Los Angeles premiere of “Scary Movie 3,” according to the new issue
of “Us Weekly.” “I see [Kid and Tommy] both,” Anderson told the
magazine. “They’re just great guys. I have the best of all worlds.”

No, you’re a whore! Well maybe not a whore, but a skank for sure. I think the thing that gets me so mad about this is that nobody’s going to say word one about how slutty that is just because she is who she is. Let’s be honest here, if your sister or the girl across the street from you busted out remarks like that she’d be the town tramp and we all know it. I’m sick of celebrities getting a free pass just because they made a movie or something. Give me a break!

Ok, I’m gonna go before I bust a blood vessel or something. Comment at will.

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