Call Before You…Never Mind

We don’t use our irony tag all that much, but this seems like a good reason to give it some love.
Construction crew hits underground fiber line, causes outage of ‘call before you dig’ hotline

It looks like someone may have forgotten to call before they started digging and now others are unable to do so due to an outage of the Colorado 811 hotline caused by a busted fiber line.
A message on the Colorado 811 website says there’s an outage in the communication system. It says an underground fiber line was damaged and it’s causing “significant” outages in the Denver area.

Construction activity caused underground damage, according to the website. Crews are working to repair the damage, but repairs are not expected to be completed until around 8 p.m. Tuesday.

If those folks didn’t call first as is required by law, they might not have to worry much about it. It appears that enforcement is so lax that it’s actually gotten the attention of the federal government, but even now, years after that story was written, changes are still being worked on.

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