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Last Updated on: 3rd July 2013, 06:00 pm

This is kind of a weird one. I was talking to my girlfriend about names and somehow we got thinking about guys named Lynn. I think it started out as a conversation about guys with girly names and how weird it is. We were trying to think of girly named guys either famous or otherwise but we’re both completely stuck for Lynns, other than some guy on a listserve.

I did a search with the exact term “guys named Lynn” and found out that there are actually quite a few guys named Lynn, at least in America circa the 1970’s. A scan of
the top 1000 most popular names of the 1970’s
shows that Lynn was the 169th most popular girls name in that decade appearing in the sample 869 times, and the 539th most used name among baby boys appearing 121 times. There were 876,690 men in the sample taken to make the list. Granted that doesn’t average out to be all that many Lynns, but considering that this is only 1 decade in 1 country and that there were 461 names less popular than that I’m thinking that quite a few Lynns are out there, and that it’s entirely possible that more than 1 of them could be reading this idiotic rambling at this exact moment. Thing is, I can’t name a single one of you, which is why I’m even bothering to post this in the first place. So if you know any men named Lynn, or if you happen to be one, please let me know so next time this comes up I’ll be able to win by firing off Lynns like a mofo.

By the way, just for the sake of keeping you all informed, the most popular names of the 1970’s are Michael for boys, appearing in the sample 35226 times, and Jennifer for girls, 29070 times. On the other end of the scale we have Darby for the guys, showing up 37 times and Roxanna for the ladies coming in with 67 entries. For the sake of accuracy, the list actually goes beyond 1000 even though it wasn’t supposed to, not sure why that is. For the sake of what we were doing here I just used the top 1000. If you want to see the rest hit the link above. You can also find the same info for other decades if you feel the need. But hey, do that after you find me some Lynns!

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