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Last Updated on: 19th September 2013, 09:24 am

Well good Monday Morning to you all! I hope the weekend fount you well. It certainly did me and left me with lots to talk about.

I spent a good portion of the weekend in Toronto with some friends. On Saturday afternoon seeing the much acclaimed Lion King Musical and then visited Planet Hollywood for dinner. Sunday the same group went back to Toronto to see the Toronto Argonauts dispose of the B.C. Lions in the CFL East Division Semi-finals. But we’ll get to that in a second. First, Lion King.

We ended up with absolulety great seats. We had a balcony that overlooked the stage very nicely. In the opening scene where Symba is presented to the other animals we actually had an actor in our balcony with us who sang for a few moments. It was pretty neat to be right in the middle of the performance.

The story follows almost the exact story of the movie with a few added scens and obviously a lot of added songs. As I say though, there are a few scenes added like a kind of creepy interaction between Scar and Nala where Scar tries to make her his queen. Come on. the guy’s old enough to be Symba’s uncle yet he’s tryin’ to get with Symba’s childhood best friend and future wife…. that was a bit creepy but I digress.

The production is filled with lots and lots of humour, some great songs not heard in the movie, some unbelievable singing voices (Nala to me having the best voice, though my friends will argue Rafiki) and even some pretty cool stunt scenes like Mufassa’s death and Scar’s fall from Pride Rock at the end of the production. The 2 actors who played Nala and Symba as children were only 9 years old and did work far beyond their years both with the dramatic aspect, as well as their singing.

If you ever have the chance to get in and see this I would STRONGLY reccomend you do so. Whether you be a music fan, a Disney fan, or both you will definitely enjoy it. It’s easy to see why people have raved about it for so long.

Sunday as I said we went to see the Argo playoff game. Was the first time any of us had been to CFL game and it was great. I feel bad for the boys who play on the Argo teams. They actually draw decent crowds, right in around league average but since they play in the SkyDome (a 60 000 seat stadium for those of you who don’t know) it always looks empty and the crowd seems silent because of the room the sound has to cover. Montreal may play in a small stadium but it’s one that opposing teams fear because the crowd just seems that much louder. Anyway…. the crowd was great yesterday and was very in to the game.

Many will say that the Argo’s only got through yesterday because of the fact that Dickenson did not play for B.C.! To that I’ll say shut the hell up because you must have not watched the game. The Argo’s were not going to be beaten by B.C. yesterday. Allen played a great game at QB for T.O. and the defense was very strong not letting B.C. get any momentum. The Toronto defense sacked the Lions QB’s at least 4 times yesterday. it simply didnt’ matter who was playing for B.C., Toronto was going to move on. They’re in tough against Montreal next weekend though. As much as I’d like to see the Argo’s move on I believe the Allouette’s will prove to be too much. Fingers crossed though.

On a friendly little side note. It’s $3.75 for a Coke, $12.00 for a beer and $150.00 for a souvenire CFL football. It’s not a cheap day out, but fun nonetheless.

Lastly, thanks to Steve for keeping the posts coming this weekend as I simply had no time. He did a great job and I’ve read some of his stuff. If you haven’t scrolled down yet to see what he posted this weekend, I suggest you do so.

More later.

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