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Last Updated on: 19th September 2013, 08:43 pm

Well good day, all. I’ll warn you all right now I have nothing of any importance to say at this point in the day and I’m really only posting cuz I haven’t done fuck all around here to help Steve out and he’s been doing an admirable job. And to avoid infighting I figured I would throw some stuff up here too. Let’s begin.

First. I would suggest that you all go and check out CrazyFads.com if you’re really bored. I say that because while it is humourous and neat to see… it really isn’t something to time out of a busy day to do. I mean I found it by going to Bored.com so I mean it must be there for a reason. The more I think about it you people must not have very busy days if you’re able to come here and read crap like this… but we thank you.

Saturday night I ate at Planet Hollywood for the first time in a few years. You remember how huge the concept was and you would wait hours and hours to get in because it was “the place to be”? Uh huh. Well not now. No line-up, empty restaurant, and sub-par fries. Now I suppose it could have just been this particular restaurant but I was less than excited while I was in there. When these places were huge a while back it was because you believed that when you went in there was a good chance you may an actual celeb. It didn’t have to be a huge name, but you’d probably see someone. Well we sat beside a cardboard cut-out of Richard Simmons. YA!!!!!. I’ll tell ya somethin’ else too. It’s hard to eat looking at that! Anyway, it was a neat idea while it lasted but it seems that the trend has warn off and is really nothing more than just another theme restaurant. I was kinda hoping I’d see this site’s resident celeb, Karine, there but no such luck. Oh sure. You may not know her too well right now but I would say within months you won’t be able to turn around without seeing Karine’s picture on billboards everywhere. You just wait.

Tonight the Leafs will host the Mario-less Penguins at the ACC. I admire what Mario is trying to do by keeping the team in Pittsburgh but honestly pal, it’s time to hang’em up. If you’re no longer able to play every game than it’s not fair to the rest of the team you’re trying to save cuz they never have any idea what their roster will look like. Also not fair to the fans of Pittsburgh and around the league. While Mario is trying his hardest to keep a team there for the Penguin fans to cheer, he’s also kinda screwing with their heads. When the season schedule came out I looked ahead to see when Mario would be coming to T.O. because I figured this would be his last season and I’d never seen him live before. For one reason or another I never bought the tickets and now I’m glad I did. I know I’m not the only hockey fan who would pick the Pittsburgh game over another “high powered team” to go to just to get to see Mario. The guy’s a superstar but for those who did book the tickets, they’re now stuck with a ticket to see possibly the worst team in the Eastern Conference with its only superstar out of the line-up. It’s one thing when a guy gets hurt. It’s quite another when the guy has no intention of playing every game. It just kinda bugs me.

Well, that’s probably good for now. I won’t sign this one with “More Later” like I did yesterday as yesterday I never ended up writing anything else.

ONe last thing, quickly. Yesterday was our second highest day in terms of hits and there are a lot of people who keep returning. We’re glad you’re enjoying it and thanks for supporting us. Make sure you check out the links over there on the right as some of them lead to others who are helping us out to. Much love to those people.

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