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So I’m sitting here at my computer eating some soup after a fairly long day, reading some email and catching up on my wrestling news when I find
posted on an otherwise high quality website. I’m not going to reproduce this in full, just the funniest part. How the webmaster, who is responsible for the content of the site could look at this and then decide to post it is beyond me. Maybe that was the only report they got but if that’s the case, just take somebody else’s and credit them, that would have been better than what you are about to read.

Hey, I just got home from Raw at the Gund Arena in Cleveland, and I thought I would write to you guys. First off the crowd wasn’t really into it the whole
time, just during certain times. There was alot of “boring” chants.

Dark Matches
A Guy with purple tights vs a guy in white tights.
The guy in purple tights had a cape on when he walked into the ring. The guy in white was from a near by city. The fans where behind the guy in white. People
called him Shaker cause he was from Shaker Heights. Guy in white won.

Two Huge Guys vs Two Wimpy looking geeks.
The wimpy guys got crushed by this team of big guys. One of the big guys looked like Goldberg, but he had tattoos all over his back and arms. The two wimps
where from Cleveland but the fans didn’t care, they where behind the big fellas.
Isn’t that just ever so enlightening? And more than a little frightening?

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