Just Checkin’ In

Last Updated on: 22nd September 2013, 06:32 am

Hey everyone.

Just checkin’ in cuz I ain’t posted anything today and Steve is a piece of shit… err… I mean sorry. Steve feels like shit. My bad.

So our comments are down. That’s great. Much thanks to Karine for passing on some info for other options for commenting and I’ll try to get that figured out in the next day or so when I get some time. Squawkbox can kiss my ass. there was no mention of having to upgrade when I set up… so fuck them.

Ummm. Well it seems I really don’t have much to say. That’s a lie. I got lots to say but the Leaf game is about to come out of intermission so I’m gonna go watch the 3rd and see my boy Owen Nolan wreck some more bodies. But first…

We’ll start something that I’ll try to do everyday. We’ll call it The Rejected Christmas Carol Of The Day. Some of these will be mine, some I will steel from other places and hopefully you’ll send in your suggestions to me or Steve or on our comment board when we get it back up and going.

The first one I’ll steel from my friends in that great punk rock band, The Vandals. So today’s Rejected Christmas Carol is….

“My First Christmas As A Woman”

Take Care, All

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