It’s A Service Dog, You Morons!

Last Updated on: 3rd October 2013, 03:59 pm

I know the title is a bit strongly-worded, but that’s the only one that would fit. In this day and age, this story shouldn’t even be happening.

A 15-year-old boy in Calgary has Muscular Dystrophy. That means he has some trouble bending, walking, etc. So he gets a service dog to help with these things. Now, A Calgary Schoolboard with its head up its ass is trying to keep him from bringing the dog to school because they’re worried about allergies etc. First of all, it’s a standard poodle, one of the least prone to cause allergies to be triggered. But more importantly, it’s a service dog! All he’s asking is that he can bring the dog to school to help him do the things he has trouble with. He’s not asking to bring a cute little puppy to play with. This fight has already been fought and won repeatedly with guide dogs. Why in Christ would he have to start from scratch just because his disability is different? I hope this family gets all the help they can to fight this schoolboard. Hell, the media coverage can’t be good for the board. Anyone with an ounce of awareness about this stuff will see the board as quite the collection of total assholes. This is another story where I can see myself following it, and writing more posts on it.

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