Some More Rejected Christmas Carols. (WITH BAD LYRICS AND EVERYTHING!)

Last Updated on: 16th September 2013, 12:40 pm

Well, one of our more intellectually gifted Vomiteers has written in with 2 new Rejected Christmas carols and he has even taken the time to write out the lyrics too. Much thank you…. Well we’ll call you Lunchbox’s friend. Here they are….

“anyway, the point of this email is to deliver you two famous christmas carols that i have whittingly (not sure if that is an actual word) rewrote.

song 1

we three kings were driving a car
but we didnt get very far
we were loaded and we drove it
into another car

when we hit it we took flight
we went flying through the night
when we landed our lives ended

i know that im missing a line, but they are dead, how can they finish singing when they are dead.

song 2

jimmy the big hosed reindeer
had a 35″ hose
and if you ever saw it
youd be like “thats a big hose”
none of the other reindeer
ever got to get a piece
they always knew ol’ jimmy
would be the one to fill the crease

then one night one deer named roy
went to jimmys house
he cut off his willy with a ginsu knife
and said “im going to do some hos tonight”

now all the reindeer loved it
they could finally get a piece
jimmy the big hosed reindeer
your member is now decised

there you go, hope you liked them”

Well, there they are. Some tunes sure to be classics soon enough. I am the last person in the world who should criticize someone’s grammar or spelling but… whittingly? Ah well. Different strokes for different folks and frequent strokes for this singing bloke.
More later,

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