I’m Scared Of You People

Last Updated on: 19th September 2013, 10:07 am

One of the cool things about our hit counter is that we can see how people got here. No, we’re not spying on you, it’s all pretty standard stuff. Like if you click to us from somebody’s site where there’s a link to us, we can tell, that sort of thing. The coolest thing about this is that we can see when people come to us from a search engine and what it was they were looking for at the time. But while this is cool, it’s pretty disturbing sometimes when you actually sit down and go through some of the search terms.

We get our fair share of normal stuff, like people looking for info on Joe Shmoe, which Matt has talked about quite a bit. We get some people looking for info on famous people or news stories and funny jokes, and I understand why our site shows up there too. But then there’s the guy who came here looking for father daughter incest pictures. We don’t have any but because Google just looks for words that match the search terms that the person types in, it found us because we’ve used words like fucking and father in different contexts quite a bit. Why some sick bastard would bother looking for things like that I’m not even gonna try to figure out, it just sucks that he landed here, even though we might have made a new fan or even if we didn’t, he still counted as a hit.

I also saw somebody get here the other day while trying to find pictures of Randy Orton’s penis. Sorry, none of those here either, unless Matt decides to share his secret stash.

But I think the weirdest one I’ve seen is this one.
01 Dec, Mon, 02:11:52
girlfriend picture Partying friends 2003 peeing

Don’t ask me how exactly we fit in, I’m not sure.

I guess the morral of the story here is be careful what you look for online, somebody could be watching. We’re kind of like Santa that way, we know if you’ve been bad or good so don’t be a child molester for goodness sake.

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