Top Ten Parties Of The Year

Last Updated on: 26th September 2013, 12:49 pm

Ok, so this one won’t be of much interest to pretty much any of you but me. That’s fine. This is the top five parties, celebrations, shindings, so-ons of the year. Let’s roll.

5. Leafs/Flyers. Game 6. April. Lambton College Residence.
What can I say? This was one fucking sweet night. Just a few of the boys in one of the residence lounges with an abundance of beer, a great hockey game and an understanding that none of us would be getting to class the next morning. The Leafs ended up winning in the second overtime (I believe, possibly third) and it’s a good thing cuz we were almost out of beer. It was just a great night.

4. Canadian Championship Celebration/March/ Sudbury’s Comfort Inn.
So we (Ontario) had just won our 7th strait Canadian Goalball Championship and we’re in the mood for fun. We re-routed one of the shuttle buses on the way back from the venue to the hotel to the beer store and “stocked up.” After showerin’ up the team and coachs congregated in one hotel room and commenced the celebration. Despite it being Ontario’s 7th title, it was only my second since I had just joined the team and it was great cuz I had actually been a starter in the championship for the first time. Even better was the fact that, my buddy, Tyler was there and it was his first title. We’d trained together for a long time so that was cool. Then there was the champagne headstands in the trophy and then once we were nicely tanked… off to teh banquit to be presented our metals in front of everyone. The party carried on until about 3 or 4 complete with a power outtage and everything. Was a night not soon to be forgotten.

3. Steve’s Summer Suds-fest/August/Steve’s Apartment.
What can I say, Steve? Hell of a party. Good enough to be ranked number three of my entire year. Nothing to out of the ordinary for a house party. Lots of beer, lots of drunkin’ singing, the destruction of a once great Don Henley song, some guitar, some blind kid throwin’ up on the most comfortable chair in the place making the chair unusable. – Yes this party truly had everything. I can only hold out hope that New Years will be equally as great.

2. Post Quebec Home Coming Party/August/My House!!!
Really not much to say about this one. We had just qualified for the Olympics and I was coming home feeling no pain after a night of drinking in Quebec City. Truth be told, I left the bar in Quebec and went strait to the airport for my morning flight at 6am. I got home and went to bed and got a phone call to hear that we were having a company that night to celebrate. At first, ya, not real happy to hear it as I had no sleep and was now in hang-over land… and in there deep. The idea grew on me though and once it happened I thoroughally enjoyed it. Just some family and close friends out to the house to say congratulations and show off some pictures to and such. It was nothing big but it was a really cool feeling for me to have everyone there after something like that. It ranks up there with the highlights of my year… and only slightly behind…

1. Olympic Qualifying Party/August/Quebec City
So this was about a day or two before the journey home. We managed to squeak our asses in to the Olympics playing at a level that was just not our best which is really a testiment to our team… but not what this is about.
We went to the medal presentations and then high-tailed it back to the athlete’s village to shut out the rest of the world and celebrate with the just the boys that did the job. We got royally tanked and then…
Yup, then found out we had a meeting with Canad’as Minister Of Sport. Oops. We were about to go meet a man who directs all sport in this country who had come to check out our sport and now meet the players. We walked in to this swank little room hoping that we could have him leave with no vomit on his shoes. It turned out fine, though we were out of place. There was a violinist playing and people in suits and serving whine and such. We, however, were athletes half in the bag with bad mouths and … well. I don’t gotta say more. We got through that alright and then down to the pub. Or “Le Pub” as it was called in Quebec City. Seriously, that’s what it was called. Le Pub. It’s like finding a bar in Toronto called “The Bar.” Anyway, we started celebrating with some other Team Canada athletes from other sports and eventually the Minister of Sport walked in to the Pub. He came and sat down with us and ordered us a round. It was unreal. Turned out he hated all the swank bull shit too and he just sat there shootin’ the shit with us. It was great. That party ended with the sun coming up but it was a great night with real reason to celebrate and some pretty unforgettable moments.

So that’s my top five of the year. Shit, was that ever long. All I can hope is that Steve’s New Years bash is up there for next years list. I’m lookin’ forward to it.

That’s it for today.

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