The Streak Is Over. Shut Up.

Last Updated on: 23rd September 2013, 08:40 pm

Well, I got a few things to say hear… all of which pertain to hockey so those of you not into the sport mayve now move on.

First and foremost. Fuck New York. Seriously. The Islander fans are easily THE whiniest fans in the NHL. Honestly, I have never watched a game from Long Island where the fans were not retardedly pro-Isles. The fans should, obviously, be siding with their team but not EVERY Toronto hit should be called a penalty so STOP BOOING! They’re whiney little sheep who either don’t know the game well enough or are just stupid enough to believe that no one should touch their team. Harry Neil said it best during the broadcast after Darcy Tucker laid a hit on Kenny Johnsson when he said “If the Leafs ever traded Tucker to the Isles, the fans would think he’s just another agressive forward and be one of their favourites.”. That’s it on that. Just, fuck New York. I don’t think I really hate the team liek I thought I did, just the people that turn out to support them.

So, the streak is over. 16 strait games with at least a point. That’s great but I know fans will be phoning up the radio talk shows saying how poorly they played tonight and how Quinn should be fired and blah blah blah. You CAN’T win every game. You can’t even tie every game and most teams can’t even go 16 with at least a point. In fact only two teams have ever done that before them. So with that said. Lighten up. It was the second game of a back-to-back in a physical arena and the Islanders are a tough opponent who have turned it around in the last couple of weeks. There’s nothing to worry about in this loss and the Leafs should hold their heads high. They play Florida next and don’t be surprised if they start up another mini-streak. If there was one thing that bothered me about the Leafs tonight, it was…

The fact that Ed Belfour has given the Leafs a chance to win in almost every game this year… even the ones they have no business being in. The Leafs have won a lot of games this year where they were the second best team on the ice and its thanks to Belfour. He gives them a chance to win on their worst night…. So shouldn’t that be returned to him. Let me make this clear. I’m not upset that the streak is over… I’m a little upset that the Leafs couldn’t help out Belfour. You’d like to think that on a night where your goaltender is struggling (and he clearly was) you could do what he’s done for you and get him a win when he maybe doesn’t deserve it. He was clearly off of his game and not seeing the ice well. Don’t get me wrong. Both goals he allowed were gonna be very tough to stop but with the way he was playing the puck and some of his passes, you could tell he just wasn’t on his game. It would have been nice if the Leafs could have gone down and gotten him the goal or two that he needed to squeak one out tonight. But that’s really small potatoes I guess. I mean it really is the first time in a long long time that you could say Belfour wasn’t on top of his game… and even with him not on his game I wouldn’t say that he cost the Leafs the game by any stretch.

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