Tansy the Kangaroo

For some unknown reason, I felt the need to look at Tansy’s training journals again. I couldn’t help but notice how many mentions of jumping were in there. And it’s becoming a bit of a problem. I’m sure I can fix it with the right coping strategies, but I need ’em and I need ’em now.

At first I thought she only jumped on people she knew and thought were super special. I can compensate for that. Ya know, hold the leash in the baseball bat hold, have her sit, treat her for sitting, teach them to turn around and ignore, etc. But yesterday she jumped on 3 strangers, and two of the instances were when she was on a flexi having a snuffle fest in the park. Flexis don’t allow for lots of control. The only thing I can think is a stranger gave her eye contact and she saw that as an invitation to leap. Either that or she’d just had a suuuuuuuper good workout, and just couldn’t hold her little maniac in anymore, and sproyng!

So I’m calling the support centre just as soon as I can to get more ideas. This has to stop, and yesterday. What if she jumped on a frail person?

Aww Tansy, my little kangaroo, I’m such a killjoy.

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