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Last Updated on: 1st October 2013, 04:22 pm

I was watching a bit of the morning news today when I got up and I happened to catch a segment called Your Say. It’s the part of the show where they read some of their viewer mail on the air and give the results of the daily poll question. The question of the day had something to do with something that happened at the Super Bowl so I’m told, something about a boob, I don’t think it was a very widely publicized incident. But enough about that, that’s a whole other post for another day. What they wanted to know is whether we the people thought that the worldwide titty flash would spike record sales for either of the people involved. I don’t even remember the results because as they were flashing them up on the screen something hit me, something I’d never thought about before.

Along with the percentages for yes and no, there were a number of people who voted for undecided. My question then is this. If you have no opinion, why bother voting? It’s not like someone’s holding a gun to your head saying “answer the question even if you say I don’t know,” it’s a web poll, you can choose whether or not you want to participate. Think about it. In order to let the entire world know that you have no feelings one way or the other on a given subject you actually have to take the time to log onto the internet, punch up the website and then vote in the poll. And it’s not even like you’re going to get your name mentioned on the show, all of those polls are completely anonimous. No names given. You’re just lumped in there with all the other losers who can’t make up their minds and wanna tell us all about it.

I wouldn’t even care if it was a telephone survey and they just asked you a bunch of questions, you agreed to participate in that and sometimes you just don’t have an answer. But nobody’s forcing you to vote here so why not just spend the time it would take to do that to I dunno, get a life or something? I just don’t understand people sometimes. We all have this compultion to be heard, even if we have absolutely nothing to say. And if you need some proof to back that statement up, just think about how popular blogs are. Ok, I think I’ve said too much now. More later.

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