Where’d Everyone Go?

Last Updated on: 27th September 2013, 08:35 am

Well look who’s back… Ya. I know you were hoping for Steve but it’s just me.

I’m back from Montreal and weighing in one gold medal heavier. The Championship game turned out to be a good one for the very reason that this tournament in unique from others. The Men’s Final pitted the defending American Champions against the defending Canadian Champions. Obviously, the Canadian side was going to win and the final score turned out to be Ontario 6 Pennsylvania 3. You just don’t get that at Canadian or American Championships as you only play against those in your country. These “Open” or “Invitational” tournaments are great for that as you see the top states and provinces go at it for North American Bragging Rights. For anyone who’s interested the final standings (or at least the top 4) after the tournament were.

Gold: Ontario
Silver: Pennsylvania
Bronze: Nova Scotia
4th: New Jersey.

On the women’s side…. well I don’t know. I hardly watched any of it. It was two American teams in the final though and that was… not cool. I believe the final game saw Michigan take on Colorado. I did see the very ending. The two teams after going head to head went to center court, shook hands and together delivered a rousing USA chant in Montreal. (Canadian soil for you Geography buffs). If that doesn’t get the Canadian women motivated for the Olympics, nothing will. It would make me sick to be sitting in the stands watching as my American peers walked in to my building and kicked my ass bad enough that Canada wasn’t even represented in the finals. Then to watch them deliver that little message. If Canada doesn’t show better next time then there’s something wrong for sure. I mean kudos to the Americans for winning it all… but they’ve left an impression on the Canadians… or at least I hope they have.

Well I’m back for just a little more than a week. I leave next Tuesday for some Scandanavian touring. I’ll be there for about a week and will suffer a few days of jetlag upon my return. But hey, Steve told you things may slow down for a bit. But I’m sure I’ll have lots to say upon return from that. I mean hell. It’s the other side of the world, god dammit. Maybe I’ll go visit Karine! haha. What’s for dinner there, friend? Have a cold one on ice for me if you don’t mind.

Well, not much else to say for right now. I’ll get back… sometime.

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